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High resolution dpH measurement device

dpH (differential pH) device is a dual-channel pH meter based on a classical potentiometric scheme. The device allows measuring the dynamics of relative pH changes between two liquids with a high resolution. It uses standard pH probes with liquid, gel and polymer electrolyte. The system has an active and passive temperature stabilization, which allows a long-term measurement of pH dynamics regardless of the environmental temperature conditions.

dpH meter is designed for a long-term pH monitoring of two liquids with a high resolution - up to a few µV in differential channel - in laboratory conditions. The need arises in the analysis of biochemical reactions, long-term monitoring of fluidic parameters at a constant temperature. Since the fluid sample are protected from temperature and electric fields, the device is suitable for analysing the thermodynamic activity of hydronium ions for non-chemical, non-thermal, non-acoustic, non-electromagnetic, and non-mechanical impacts, also during the experiment. Such measurements are typical in the analysis of ultraweak interactions, particularly in the study of some quantum effects appearing in macroscopic systems. The instrument allows a statistically significant measurement of these interactions by a standard potentiometric approach.




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