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The research center is involved into several collaborative projects and bilater cooperations  

Current Projects

Submarine cultures perform long- term robotic exploration of unconventional environmental niches

The aim of subCULTron project is achieving long-term autonomy in a learning, self-regulating, self-sustaining underwater society/culture of robots in a high-impact application area: Venice, Italy.

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       Project home page


flora robotica funded under the EU-Horizon 2020 Future and Emerging Technologies Proactive Action. 

The project’s objective is to develop and investigate closely linked symbiotic relationships between robots and natural plants and to explore the potentials of a plant-robot society able to produce architectural artifacts and living spaces.

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         Project home page


SupportImgASSISI|bf - Animal and robot Societies Self-organise and Integrate by Social Interaction

EU-FP7 Project no. 601074. Objective ICT-2011.9.10: Fundamentals of Collective Adaptive Systems - FOCAS

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             Project home page


Swarmrobot - Open-source micro-robotic project.

This open-source project originated from the European I-Swarm project. Research with Jasmine robots leaded finally to SYMBRION and REPLICATOR projects and contributed to Assisi project. Development within this project is going on.

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       Application of LED-based technology in horticulture.

       This is a new project of the research center, which appeared from the previous bilateral cooperations. Currently this project is in the initial phase.

Bilateral and trilateral cooperations


Design and development of bio-inspired underwater sensing approaches and devices









Design and development of EDL-based sensors and biologically active LED emission








Performing of biological experiments on vegetable organisms and development of treatment strategies